My beloved son Devon Grimme' drowned at the age of 27 while on  a vacation in Hawaii. This blog is about his amazing life, his legacy,  and  how to survive loss. Devon's motto was, "Never look down on someone unless you are reaching a hand to pull them up."  Come with me on this grief journey-- let's be amazing together! 

I am offering luggage tags for this journey we are on together- click on the words "luggage tags" anywhere for details. Devon was a great connector of people; I would like these luggage tags to go around the world. I can't wait for the day when someone sees someone else with one- at an airport, bookstore, a beach- and they say hey, I have one too! And a friendship is started. That is so Devon! You don't travel , you say? Even going to the grocery store is an adventure if you do it right! Put some luggage tags on your purse, golf bag, scuba gear,  diaper bag and go make a friend; livelikeDevon. Love, Devon's mom. 

Devon in Machu Picchu, trying to put his arms around the whole wide world.


I am selling luggage tags to support Devon's favorite charity, Anytown.  Anytown is an organization int the Tampa/Clearwater, FL area that is part of the non-profit organization,  Community Tampa Bay. Anytown teaches teenagers inclusiveness, non-prejudice, non-violence and leadership- see the link or click on the word Anytown. Thank you, Devon's mom. 

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