Luggage Tags

Devon was a world traveler, and he made friends everywhere he went. Devon practically collected people, and somehow he made each one feel like they were his favorite person. What a gift that is.

To marry Devon’s love of people and travel, I came up with the idea of luggage tags in his memory. My dream is that people will see these luggage tags on suitcases, sports bags, purses, etc. And when you see one you have a connection to Devon, and you will go up to that person and make a friend. May the tags go worldwide, just like Devon did.

All proceeds will go to Anytown, the organization that changed him so much in such a better way. Antyown teaches inclusivity, non-violence, and anti-prejudice. Anytown teaches teens to be leaders, and how to talk to and get along with someone with varying life experiences. Anytown profoundly impacted Devon’s life, and I would like to perpetuate that for someone else. Anytown is open to any high school teen in the Tampa Bay area. It is life-changing; please send your teens there, and please support Anytown. For info on Anytown click here:

To donate to Anytown click here:

At the bottom left corner of the donation page, you can click on “in memory of.” Please type in Devon’s name, Devon Grimme’.

If you donate to Anytown and would like a luggage tag, please send an email to [email protected], put “luggage tag” in the subject line and your address in the body of the text and I will mail you some luggage tags.

Now go livelikeDevon!

Thank you very much,

Devon’s mom, Laura