Devon attended Anytown when he was ready to enter 10th grade. He said it changed his life. And I saw the change - can you imagine my face the first time he said to his younger brother or sister, "Let's talk this out," instead of "You'd better run?!" We all need to talk things out. Let's have conversations, let's build bridges. 

 It costs $1160 to send a teen to Anytown for a week, and my goal is to be able to send one teen per summer through the sale of luggage tags. Please help me send  teens, conversations and luggage tags around the world by buying luggage tags.


ANYTOWN™ is a youth leadership and diversity education program for teens ages 14-19. The program begins with an intensive five day, four night residential experience on a college campus and continues throughout the year with the “Be Intentional Institute” sessions including 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Conflict Mediation, Cross-Cultural Interactions and other skill building trainings.

ANYTOWN™ is delivered primarily by youth in partnership with adults and addresses the issues of: race, ethnicity, faith, language, sexuality, nationality, gender, ability, class, and sex, through dialogues, workshops, and presentations. 

At ANYTOWN™, delegates develop understanding and acceptance of others based on honesty, understanding, respect, and a sense of social responsibility. They live, socialize, and dine alongside people they may not otherwise encounter, and then build skills together to create a community that is inclusive and respectful of all.

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